A fishing trip for 65 students from Lynd Public School

Lynd Public School is a K-12 public school with approximately 200 students located in Lynd, Minnesota, USA. The school provides quality education, a range of academic programs, and extracurricular activities to meet the diverse needs and interests of its students.

On April 17th, 65 students from Lynd Public School led by Mr. Martin Boucek, went on a fishing trip at Camden State Park MN. Although may be due to the extreme weather, they were unable to catch any fish, but the students enjoyed a hotdog lunch around the fire pit we provided .

We admire the school and teachers for organizing such similar activities for children for a long time, and we are particularly grateful to Mr. Martin Boucek for sharing photos of the event with us. We are delighted to see the children enjoying themselves in the great outdoors and hope that they continue to enjoy outdoor activities with the support of high-quality equipment. We also hope that they have better luck catching delicious fish on their next trip.

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