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There is no doubt to ensure drinking safety in the wild while you go camping. Carrying a proper camping water container can provide a lot of convenience and security.

Why you should consider  a water container with a spigot

There may be no running water or faucets at the camping site. At this time, you need to collect water sources by yourself. How to deal with complex terrain and get water sources more flexible is very important. No one taking the camp will accept to miss any opportunities for water. General portable water containers have thickened handles to reduce the pressure and fatigue on our hands while carrying water. So you don’t have to worry about accidental bumps during the journey which somehow will make all your efforts in vain. The thickened inner and special plastic can perfectly deal with various unexpected situations.

In the wild, clean water is the fundamental thing for further travel, and good water resource is quite precious and can not be missed. At the same point, the material safety of the water container itself should not be ignored. Generally, the chemicals in the materials of disposable water containers will seep into the water over time during long-term use. It will cause harm to us virtually. Therefore, food-grade plastic containers are the first choice for long-term use. The material itself is tasteless, and also impurities are not easy to attach to the water after long-term use, so you can quote and store it with peace of mind.

When you have some basic understanding, you will find that there is a few different designs of water container for you to choose from. Traditional ones are only designed with a single universal opening for taking and pouring water, which leads to a relatively single function and is not suitable for a single-person camping experience. Any time you want to take a sip and relax, but find you have to lift the water container to carefully align the cup, and when you want to simply wash your hands, you may need the help of others. All these things will make you irritable in some way. Therefore, the recent water containers with a spigot that is unable to control the water volume on the market have solved these problems very well. Just open the rubber cork, put the water container on the table, plug in the plastic water pipe that comes with it, turn the right or left knob, and the water will easily flow out by itself.

Things you should know before choosing our exclusive REDCAMP water containers with spigot:

Write in front all the products we will introduce are made of certified food-grade HDPE plastic, which does not contain BPA and other chemicals that are harmful to humans, especially children.

Flexible water control spigot

This adjustable water volume spigot is our exclusive selling point. The built-in food-grade piston has a good seal. You can tighten the knob to the tightest and then a drop of water will not leak. The knob is not that kind of 360-degree free rotation style, there are certain restrictions, so you do not have to use too much force in the process. The spigot itself is a flexible component, so when not in use we recommend you put it back into the large lid inside the prefabricated screw and replace it with a small one. We equip each water container with a plastic hose, which is installed in the groove on the side of the container, and we recommend you install it to better direct the water flow every time you want to use it.


All of the camping water containers in our series are one-piece injection molded, which means they are less prone to damage than the collapsible water container on the market. Collapsible water container certainly has their portability, but the absence of a sturdy shell makes it difficult to put them smoothly on a table. Moreover, long-term folding will also cause irreparable creases, and in serious conditions, even rupture. We have improved the process to get a one-piece container after sacrificing part of the convenience of a collapsible water container like that, in exchange for a more sturdy overall. No breaking will be found after falling.

Optimized opening lids

All series are also equipped with large openings. You can put your hand freely into the container. Such large openings are especially convenient for taking water. You can fill them up with just a few seconds at the river. Another advantage is that you can pour anything without fear of spilling. Of course, the opening itself is also convenient for you to clean after use. You can simply stick your hand into the camping water container with the brush that we have provided for you, and you can easily remove the dirt without any dead ends.


1 The most overall 4-gallon portable water container 

This volume has the highest rating among the feedback we have received from users. 4 gallons is perfect for one to two people for overnight use. You can simply brush your teeth and wash your face, wipe your body to keep it clean, and leave plenty of water for washing dishes and making soup when you cook. The best thing about this site is that it is easy to access water on the hike. 4 gallons is not an extra burden for such a short trip. Once you reach the water, simply unscrew the large lid and submerge the container completely in the water. In a second you have your water for the day. When you get back to the campground put it on the table, our standing design allows it to have enough water pressure to dispense water. So you only need to connect the tube mounted on the side groove slightly counter clockwise to turn the faucet, of course, it has a very small footprint and can fit in some narrow storage spaces. 

2 The most durable design

This 13-gallon capacity camping water container is the most rugged and durable of all our product lines. Although the thickened interior makes it look very bulky, it is also much lighter than the stainless steel material of the water container, knowing that they are about as strong as each other. This design with a large opening at the top of the container can be horizontally put in the trunk of the car. You should also not have to worry about leaking water. If you are a devoted car camping enthusiast, then this will be your best choice. 4-5 people in the campground for a day of water, but also to meet a single person in a long adventure to provide three to four days of water security. This camping water container has the same portable faucet and matching hose compared to the 4-gallon, so you can still enjoy the same convenience. We also provide the additional brown color option for the field environment. Because many users pay special attention to the visual coordination between their equipment. In another hand, the brown paint can be better insulated from the sun in the field, to ensure that your water can be stored longer.

3 The most versatile design

The design of this one combines the advantages of the first two models, especially in the use of comfort we have made special improvements. We readjusted the relationship between the handle and the opening, which means that when you don't need to use water, you can put the container horizontally on the trunk and the table. With the opening up and placed smoothly, there will be no leakage at all. When you need to use it, the vertical design can ensure that there is enough water pressure to flow out smoothly. On the handle, because it is now placed on the side, it has a wider grip space compared to the other, so you can slightly adjust the grip position to relax your wrist during the process of carrying the bucket. This design also allows me to increase the capacity a little closer to 5 gallons while maintaining comfort, giving you more options for short-term recreational camping and reducing your water anxiety.

4 Lightest weight design 

If you are inclined to casual and easy camping, explore the surrounding nature occasionally during your free time on weekends. Taking a short day hike is never a bad choice. If then you need just about 0.3 gallons of water per hour. At this point, the oversized water container will become a bit redundant, and the excess water will be a burden on the road. At only 1.34 lbs, it weighs about the same as a pair of hiking shoes, so you'll feel little additional stress on your back during your hike. Of course, such a compact size and horizontal design allow it to be placed inside the refrigerator. In this way, you can prepare some cold drinks in advance as a summer relief solution.

Review Summary

Our series of camping water containers cover almost all the situations you will meet during camping time. From casual weekend hiking to a hardcore car trip, RedCamp's camping water container will accompany you to ensure your water safety.

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