How to choose a best portable camping water container with a spigot?

So when you decided to go camping, did you think about what important decision you were going to take with you? Your Tent, your food, your bedding? No, the worst thing is no water. To find water nearby? But since we are not professional outdoor survivors and can not guarantee the safest water supply in the vicinity, it is necessary for me to think about how to bring enough water before we set off.
Choosing a convenient water container for camping is an extremely important choice. In some ways, it may be one of the most important pieces of equipment you buy, because it may be the piece of equipment you use most often during its life cycle. Small problems, such as creaky lids, heavy materials, or loose lids, can drive you crazy while you sip. But the journey was worth it-finding the right container was a magical thing.
 How to get the best water while camping
  • Easy to carry
  • Faucet design
  • Easy to clean
  • Food grade
  • Sufficient capacity
Most of the time, whether you're on a short camping trip, a long outdoor camping trip, or even an overnight car camping trip requires an essential piece of camping equipment —— Outdoor camping water container with a spigot.
The Definitive Guide
Food Grade
Most of the camping water container we use are made of plastic. Therefore, it is important to know whether the water container is made of food-grade material and whether it contains no BPA. Ideally, no BPS or BPF. Bpa-containing materials are already used in foods and beverages and have been found to leach into the foods or liquids they contain, which is what many of us are concerned about. BPA can negatively affect the brain and prostate in children, infants, and even fetuses. It can also be linked to increased blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. There has been a push to eliminate BPA in food and beverage products. Two compounds sometimes used in place of BPA are BPS (bisphenol S) and BPF (bisphenol F). Although the long-term effects of these compounds are still being studied, there are concerns that they may pose health risks equal to or greater than BPA.

Sipgot Design
When I bring enough water, a bucket is full, and I want to wash my dirty hands or take a small amount of water for cooking, it takes two people to get the water out, and occasionally a lot of waste. You may want to install a water flow control switch (faucet design). Do you have the same experience?

Whether you choose a camping water container with or without a tap is largely a matter of personal choice. Using a water container without a spigot requires me to hold one hand on the water container to get the water in my container to start flowing out, and even if my container is large, I may need the help of another person. There are also  water containers with a spigot that require me to free up a hand to press the top lever, but only a small amount of water spills or the water flow is not smooth during use – this looks useful if you're camping out in a place where water is scarce. But there are simpler mechanisms, usually, just an additional tube or rubber plug-in, that gives you better control over how quickly water flows out of the camping water container when you turn the switch, and outdoor travel becomes much easier.

The water inlet is large enough
When you're preparing for an outdoor trip, fill the water container with water. Smaller openings may allow you to spill water or require other pipes to drain it. Let you spend a lot of time, a larger mouth can let you save a lot of trouble. Always wash your water container when you're finished or about to embark on an outdoor adventure. Smaller openings can make your cleaning look arduous, and larger openings can allow your entire arm to reach in to clean, and there are no dead ends, so you can safely reuse it.

Large Capacity
When we go camping, we bring a lot of stuff with us, which means we need to think about how much space we have in our trunk to store them. Therefore, our water containers must be able to meet the need to use water without taking up too much space. Shared from a professional outdoor climber. Even if you're an outdoor climber, a 3-day round-trip, 5-gallon water container per day plus camp drinking or cooking will suffice. Then walk a typical distance between the campsite water source and the campsite (Keep in mind that when your camping water container is full, it's too heavy for one person——so a 5-gallon container is your best bet, so trust this plan.)

My Choice
To help you have a pleasant experience on your next outdoor adventure and make sure you have clean drinking and cooking water for the entire trip, I would recommend one of the best camping water container with a spigot design, which can help us to eliminate a lot of trouble.

Based on these considerations and my own experience, I'd like to recommend one of the best for you——Water containers for camping(REDCAMP)

Food-Grade Outdoor Drinking Container
You may notice a distinct chemical smell when you get the packaging for some containers. But REDCAMP's water containers are made from gourmet, environmentally friendly high-end HDPE plastic, and have professional quality reports. So when you use it, you don't have to worry about it. You can store it safely for outdoor camping, caravans, home water storage, and travel.

The use of food-grade delicious environmentally high-grade HDPE plastic is more transparent and soft. Without BPA PVC, the taste of the water will not be affected. Suitable for outdoor camping, RV, household water storage, and travel use.

Special Design
Uncertain outdoor environment, a wide range of outdoor sports. Water containers need to be suitable or used in any environment. Designs that free your hands are especially important. Maybe I just picked up some firewood, needed to rinse my hands, or wanted to wash an apple, because the lack of a faucet made it impossible for one person to do it with one hand.

REDCAMP's patented unique spigot design, with different silicon seals and outlet locations, effectively prevents water leakage and eliminates the need to worry about water spilling everywhere. You have the flexibility to open or close the socket, which provides a slow, measurable flow. So you get a steady but generous pour of water, which is useful for washing fruit, drinking from a cup, and cooking with a full pot.

When you are ready to cook, take the lid off the kettle, you may have casually put it next to it, and by the time you remember to prepare for the camp trip, you can no longer find where the lid is, he has been forgotten by you (easy to lose)

To avoid this, when you are not in use, you can use the non-porous cover for sealing, and you can screw the spigot into the large lid for easy next use. Avoid damage to the spigot during transportation and it is not easy to lose. Reserve enough water for every camping and travel adventure.

When you're ready to go, keep your canteen in the trunk, which also has tents, seats, and a host of other big-ticket items. It's hard to avoid breaking the water container's faucet in transit. He needs better protection by putting it inside a water container.

When you get outside, you can always replace it with a faucet. You can put it on a rock or just put it in the trunk, hands-free. It gives you access to clean water even outdoors.

Simple Mechanisms
Usually, nothing more than attaching a tube or rubber plug-in can give you better control over easy drainage. The speed at which water flows from the camping water container  when the switch is turned on makes outdoor travel much easier.

Why do you choose a reusable water container?
Easy to clean

Whether you've just received a new product or you've already used it, cleaning is an essential step. A larger nozzle is important, not only to make it easier for you to get your whole arm in but also to have no dead ends, you can safely reuse it. A large filling port also allows you to store water for a shorter, faster time.

Easy access to water outdoors
When you find water in the open air, it can be easily filled, water storage time is shorter, and faster.

Convenient Handle
The use of a one-piece design, in line with ergonomic design, thickened handle so that a more comfortable grip, carrying out more convenient. The grip is thickened, which has a strong grip feeling and is suitable for outdoor water drawing and vehicle carrying.

Perfect Detail Design
Inner seal cover of the rubber ring so that you use more assured, not easy to leak. The intake plug makes the water flow more smoothly and also makes it easier for you to use the tea ceremony cannula. Complimentary extra rubber rings and cleaning brushes for easy replacement and better cleaning, just to make your use more comfortable.

Strong Load-bearing, Resistance to Impact
There will be some bumps along the way, and REDCAMP takes this into account by thickening the walls of the water containers to avoid them. So you don't have to worry about its durability, it must be able to accompany you again and again trip of a small assistant.

What you can do with buying a water container?

The water container can be mainly used for outdoor camping, caravans, self-driving carrying water, tea ceremony health preserving, or mountain spring water use, and is suitable for kitchen temporary water storage.

Where to Buy?

You can buy all of their products on their website, most of which are also available on Amazon. You can find size information, videos, and specifications for each product on its website. Be sure to check their size list, as you will need to choose the right size and color for your preferences
RedCamp hopes to provide a pleasant experience for your next outdoor adventure, making sure you have clean drinking and cooking water for the entire trip.

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