The Best Wagon for Sand with Big Wheels Reviewed

About Red Camp:

REDCAMP is a professional outdoor equipment brand. Adhering to the concept of "focusing on outdoor equipment and living for outdoor life", this Amazon store has a variety of outdoor products, and we evaluate their relatively high sales of increased beach wagon.

Note: Kevin in the picture, Age: 10 Weight: 83lbs/37.5kg Height: 55in./140cm

Spring has arrived, and it is time to enjoy the soft sand, warm sunshine, and the caressing of the waves on the beach, or to have a diving activity to see the various strange scenes in the sea. However, when we go to the beach, we can not only bring ourselves, but also bring beach supplies - sun umbrellas, beach reclining chairs, bikinis, diving equipment, and so on. This can cause trouble for our beach trips, and it may be that before you start enjoying the beach, it can leave you completely drained of energy, especially when it comes to shipping things, toddlers, or pets. And beach wagons are designed for this purpose - they are spacious, easy to drive on beaches and parking lots, and often very sturdy.


The Details of the Red Camp Beach Wagon

This is a practical beach wagon  with large wheels, wear-resistant oxford cloth, and a folding design. When writing this review, There are two colors - blue and black, and there are five options. The main difference between this wagon is the size of the wheels and the size of the heavy steel frame. The slight difference is whether there are side pockets and whether the rear of the frame can be opened.

Big Wheels----The Most Important Feature

This is one of their biggest features - large wheels. Compared to previous products, there is nothing more exciting than having a large wheel on a beach car. The size of these large wheels: the diameter of these wheel is the same: 7"/18cm, the width of the wheel: 1.6"/4cm in the small size; Large size is 4"/10cm. The width of large wheels varies greatly, giving people more choices to meet their different needs.


All big wheels are made of rubber, which is very wear-resistant and has elasticity, which makes people feel no load bearing when pulling goods. As a tire, it can make the car run smoothly and is not easy to slip and roll over. Their characteristics are the same as those of bicycles and cars. In addition, this type of product is a pneumatic tire that allows you to ride to a new height. The air inside the tire is like a spring, which can effectively reduce vehicle bumps.

In short, the right wheels can easily enhance people's enjoyment when riding.

The wheels have stainless steel slots, which are much stronger and more durable than the plastic ones of other products. Of course, this virtually adds some weight, giving people a durable and realistic feel when they hold them in their hands.

People know that walking on the beach is more laborious than walking on the road because of the resistance of the sand. So if you want a beach truck to carry things on the beach, then wheels are our primary concern, which can make it easier for you to carry things. The larger the wheel, the larger the contact area with the ground, the stronger the bearing capacity, and it is not easy to roll over and sink into the sand. It is also suitable for various terrains. On the beach, it will not sink into the sand like a small wheel, nor will it trap in the mud on muddy roads, nor will it be difficult to walk on gravel roads. Big wheels allow us to walk smoothly on various terrains. Secondly, this wheel is made of rubber, with anti-skid texture on it to enhance traction. The silicone material is wear-resistant, weather-resistant, and has a large bearing capacity, making it easier for people to pull without worrying about slipping.

High load bearing and large capacity, five sizes:
Cart Extra Long&large:Unfolded size:47.2x24.4x44.5"/120x62x113cm
Cart with Extendable Rear:Unfolded size:32x20x40"/81x51x102cm
Cart with Extra Wide Wheels:Unfolded size:39.4x20.7x42.5"/100x52.5x108cm
Cart with Narrow Wheels:Unfolded size:39.3x18.9x42.5"/100x48x108cm
Cart with Wide Wheels:Unfolded size:40.2x19.7x44"/102x50x112cm

This type of beach wagon has a strong stainless steel metal frame and wear-resistant Oxford cloth, while high-density Oxford makes it difficult for the car to enter the sand during shipment. These characteristics make it highly load-bearing, allowing people to no longer carry heavy objects once and for all, reducing the need to repeatedly pick up objects, and also preventing themselves from being scratched by these objects. When we use the beach cart to haul objects, such as your diving device, musical instruments, sunscreen, and surfboards, you can even free up a hand to hold our child's hand or pull the pet belt.

Flexible handle

Flexible handle for easy transportation, with built-in locking system to secure it in place. This is to adapt the push and pull method to anyone's needs based on how much people carry, making it comfortable to pull large goods on the beach, and easily carry small items in the courtyard. Moreover, this handle is created according to the radian of a person's finger, making it comfortable to hold and more labor-saving.

 Foldable design   This type of beach cart can be folded, with folding dimensions
Cart Extra Long&large:Folded size:34.6x10.6x13.7"/88x27.6x35cm
Cart With Extendable Rear:Folded size:33x4.7x22"/84x12x56.5cm
Cart With Extra Wide Wheels:Folded size:30.3x9.5x17.7"/77x24x45cm 
Cart With Narrow Wheels:Folded size:14.2x5.9x30"/36x15x76cm
Cart With Wide Wheels:Folded size:15.8x11x31"/40x28x79cm

Due to this folding design, people can place it in the trunk of the car, completely occupying no space, and it can be used whenever they take it. Moreover, it is also very simple to fold it up. Just pull the middle strap up, and then attach a Velcro to it. It does not occupy space in the trunk and storage room. When needed, for 5 seconds, unlock the Velcro button, and quickly unfold it. This freely retractable and enlarged beach wagon is definitely the first choice for travel.

Multi-purpose for 1 Wagon

This beach wagon is suitable for consigning items such as sunscreen, sunglasses, medicines, beach towels, etc. On the beach, consigning items such as fertilizers, plant seedlings, garden tools, water bottles, etc. In the backyard garden, consigning items such as tents, sleeping bags, grills, baking pans, travel bags, folding chairs, etc. During camping, and consigning ball products on the court. These uses are not only limited to this, but also can carry toddlers, go and show him the scenery outside. This will allow us to easily embark on the battle and savor the scenery along the way. "People can also take this wagon to shop and stock up, and the items people lift or hold will no longer be scattered like before due to being too messy.

There is also  a dog wagon with a Extendable rear. When your dog slowly ages and loses its mobility, this new wagon is essential for your dog, and it is even more necessary to use a cart to take him to communicate with the outside world and contact nature; or in hot weather, the dog's meat mat is also very fragile, and long-term walking may burn and break the skin on the asphalt road. With this cart, this situation can be avoided. This wagon is not fully enclosed, which means that its rear can be extended, allowing dogs to see everything around them in all directions. In addition, it is large in size and can accommodate small, medium, and regular large dogs, such as Golden Retrievers.

Comment Summary

In summary, this is a good beach wagon, and I like it more than I expected. It is specially designed for my beach vacation. I no longer need to carry my things over and over again. During the transportation process, I may also be injured, and my items can also fall down. More heartbreaking things - damaged items, having a beach wagon - can all be resolved. It's perfect for you: it provides you with multiple uses, has the maximum capacity you want, and can be folded up a bit without taking up space. In addition, it has been continuously upgraded to improve the user experience. The different dimensions of space and wheels meet your different needs, so make sure it meets your application. "But in addition, if you think REDCAMP Beach Wagon has all the features you need, I can't say anything about not going."

Where to Buy It

You can purchase all of their outdoor products on their website, and most of them can also be purchased on Amazon. You can find size information, videos, and detailed instructions for each product on their website, as well as how to use them. Please be sure to check their size chart, as this beach cart can accommodate your large beach umbrella and your lounge chair in a larger size.

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