23˚F Cotton Double Sleeping Bag for Adults
23˚F Cotton Double Sleeping Bag for Adults
23˚F Cotton Double Sleeping Bag for Adults
23˚F Cotton Double Sleeping Bag for Adults
23˚F Cotton Double Sleeping Bag for Adults
23˚F Cotton Double Sleeping Bag for Adults
Double Sleeping Bag for Adults
23˚F Cotton Double Sleeping Bag for Adults
Double Sleeping Bag for Adults
Double Sleeping Bag for Adults

Double Sleeping Bag for Adults


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About this item

  • Multi-Purpose Design: Unzip for two single sleeping bags or use as quilts and blankets.
  • Simple to Clean: It can be refreshed quickly with a machine wash.
  • Hooded Advantage: The built-in hood boosts warmth, safeguarding your head and neck against cold temperatures during camp-outs.


  • Shell: Waterproof Ripstop Polyeser
  • Liner: Soft Flannel
  • Filling: Hollow Cotton
  • Temperature Range: comfort in 32°F and fits temperature range 23-41℉
  • Unfolded Size:  88.5"x58.3”
  • Package Size: 15.7"x19.7"


Question: How to clean the sleeping bag? Is this machine washable?
Answer: We suggest using an appropriate cleaner for your down or synthetic bag and avoiding using too much soap. Clean the sleeping bag by filling a bathtub with water and cleaner, laying the bag in the water, and stroking the soap all over. Rub together the most heavily soiled areas and allow them to soak for up to one hour. Drain the tub and press out any remaining water. Fill the tub with cool or warm water again to rinse, work the soap out gently, let the bag sit for 15 minutes, and drain. Press out any remaining moisture. Repeat the rinse process until all the soap is out. Gently squeeze out as much water as you can from the bag. Then, work for your hands underneath and gather it all up in a ball in your arms to carry it to a dryer or outside for air drying. Dry the bag in a large dryer if available. If your dryer is small and the bag stays balled up, you'll need to take your wet bag to a laundromat. If you choose not to use a dryer, lay the pack flat on a clean surface outside, such as grass or a beach towel, in the sun or in partial shade.
Question: Warranty & Return

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Warranty & Return
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–New, unused, and in their original condition.
–The problem of replacing the product is not man-made damage.
– Include all original hangtags, packaging, and components.
– Provide proof of purchase (order confirmation email or order number).

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
This is a big ol bag

Got this for use in my pop up. Its a large bag and covers a queen size bed well. The inside flannel material is very soft and was actually much warmer and nicer than I expected. We had to un zip this during the night to cool ourselves off. Nice and toasty is how the wife described it. This will be just the ticket for when it gets cooler. Over all I like the quality of this bag, The material is excellent and the zippers seem sturdy. This will get a lot of use during our camping trips.

Sam H. Stedman
very warm and soft

It becomes unzipped easily


This two person sleeping bag was exactly what I was looking for, although if I’m honest, I’ll be using it to sleep one person and four dogs, haha. The sleeping bag is just perfect. The print is quite charming, but more importantly, the bag itself is very cozy and warm! It’s summer at the moment, but I can’t wait to take this bag out to go fall and winter camping with my dogs. I have no doubt we will be nice and warm in this bag.

Good for 1 small couple or 1 large person

As an oversized sleeping bag for one, I love this Redcamp double sleeping bag. I'm 6' and 220 pounds and this is plenty long enough for me, plus I can spread out like a flying squirrel. I usually camp in warm to hot weather so I love that this is pretty lightweight and flannel lined. I don't like sleeping bags with the slick inner lining, which allows sweat to kind of hang around and not get absorbed. I don't think I'd use this in cold weather unless I brought extra blankets.As a double sleeping bag I think this is a little too snug. My wife is 5'4" and about 110 pounds and we're just a little too cramped in it together. When broken down into two regular sleeping bags, they work fine for my wife or young son but are too tight for me. I can fit inside and it's long enough but if I zip it all the way up I can't move my arms because this is just slightly larger than the width of my shoulders. So the plan is that I'll probably use this combined when camping with friends, let my wife and son use individually when we're camping as a family.The bags are fairly easy to separate or put back together. There's an extra section for when they're connected as a sort of headrest. Attached or separate, they fit easily into the carrying pouch. When apart, only one of the bags has straps to keep it rolled up, almost forcing you to always roll these up together unless you want to use a bungee cord or spare rope. The product isn't fantastic but we'll get a lot of use out of it.

A PersonA Person
Nice and warm, use as a double bag or 2 singles.

Got this for a camping trip. Used as a double bag this was great. Has zippers on both sides so either person can exit or pull down their side if its too hot (this was my case). It has a "hood" that can be unzipped and removed. It also has a flap of flannel material all around the zipper on the inside so you don't nessasrly feel the zipper against your body from the inside. It was long enough that neither one of us couldn't fully cover up. If your 6' or taller you would want a longer bag.You can unzip the double bag and use as 2 single bags but with a couple things to keep in mind. Only one of the bags has a hood with the drawstring. And for storage the bag with the hood is also the only one that has straps sewn on it to wrap it up. This bag doesn't have a lot of stitching to keep the cotton batting in place so if / or should I say when you need to wash this I would be careful to only gentle cycle or hand wash. Also not placing in the dryer on high heat as the outside material is polyester and would melt.

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